Contemporary Experience / Political Expression:
Australian Aboriginal Printmakers at Cicada Press

Mar 29 - Jun 3, 2016

Featuring printed works by 12 Australian Aboriginal artists produced at Cicada Press since 2012, the exhibition highlights the various printmaking techniques that are available to visiting artists, as well as showcases the depth of talent and experience that the Aboriginal artists who spend time in the Art & Design printmaking studios at University of New South Wales bring with them. 

(Reko Rennie, Message Stick, 2013)

Carl Nelson Gorman:
Artist, Academic and Code-Talker
from Sep 28

Featuring artworks, media and photographs by and about museum founder, Carl Nelson Gorman. This exhibition is part of the FLASH! exhibit series, located in the lobby of Hart Hall and organized by museum students and interns.


Remembering Alcatraz
Sep 22 – Dec 2, 2016

Each year, since 1975, thousands of Indigenous peoples and allies gather at Alcatraz Island to dance, sing and pray before sunrise on Thanksgiving Day and Indigenous Peoples Day to honor ancestors and future generations.  This exhibition brings together photographs, images and stories by Native American Bay area activists and artists about the celebrations and remembrances over the past 30 years.