A Decade Later: Recent Acquisitions of the C.N. Gorman Museum
Jun 29 - Sep 11, 2015

The summer exhibition features recent acquisitions of the C.N. Gorman Museum's permanent collections. Included are earlier works by Oscar Howe (Yanktonai Dakota), Jack Hokeah (Kiowa), Andrew Tsinajinnie (Diné), Carl Gorman (Diné), Lee Marmon (Laguna Pueblo) and Allen Sapp (Cree). More recent works are by contemporary artists Larry McNeil (Tlingit/Nisga’a), Richard Dabbs (Yurok), Melanie Yazzie (Diné), R.C. Gorman (Diné), Wendy Red Star (Crow), Sonya Kelliher-Combs (Iñupiaq/Athabascan), Kimowan Metchewais (Cree) and others.

From the C.N. Gorman Museum Collections

A Gathering of Printmakers
Organized by Melanie Yazzie

Featuring the works of 54 printmakers from across the United States and abroad, this portfolio was organized in 2006 by artist and Professor Melanie Yazzie. This exhibition is part of our FLASH! exhibit series, located in the lobby of Hart Hall and organized by museum students and interns.


Ancestral Adaptations:
Indigenous Arts Coalition
Sep 29 - Dec 4, 2015

Artists from the San Francisco-based Indigenous Arts Coalition present new works by urban Indigenous artists crossing the threshold of de-colonization, reclamation, and reconstruction and how this has effected the understanding and perception of 'Indigenous'. Artists included are Rye Purvis, Richard Castaneda, Nizhoni Ellenwood, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Avanna Lawson, Paris Leighton Sr., Geri Montano, and Erick Andimo.

Heroes/Ghosts: Annie Ross
Jan 5 - Mar 11, 2016

In a solo exhibition of painting by Annie Ross, the series Heroes/Ghosts reflects upon topics such as urban and state-sponsored violence, human-made climate change, and how aboriginal logic works, informs, and prevails in its midst. Dr. Annie Grace Ross is an alumni of UCD, whose studio practices reflect her research in social and environmental justice, indigenous sustainable technologies, grass-roots movements towards fulfillment of potential civil rights, the self and community in Home/Land. She is currently Associate Professor in First Nations Studies at Simon Fraser University.

Contemporary Experience / Political Expression:
Australian Aboriginal Printmakers at Cicada Press

Mar 29 - Jun 3, 2016

This exhibition will include printed works by Australian Aboriginal artists produced at Cicada Press since 2006.  It highlights the various printmaking techniques that are available to visiting artists, as well as showcases the depth of talent and experience that the Aboriginal artists who spend time in the printmaking studios at UNSWAAD bring with them. Some of the artworks are narrative-based, some are stories of memory, identity and tradition whilst others should be considered conceptual art with a particular Australian Aboriginal twist.